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Many fond memories along our career

Check out our favorite performances
De antaño 03:05
Having fun at Lisbon International Tango Festival (2022)
Patético 03:26
Dancing with Donatella in the belly, at Bailemos Tango Festival, Kyiv (2021)
Esta Noche de Luna 04:00
Gala Night at the thundering TanGo to Istanbul (2018)
Valsecito criollo 02:37
At the mythical Red Theater during the XVI Taipei Tango Festival (2018)
De qué Podemos Hablar 04:29
One of the warmest welcoming of our career. Thank you always Lodz (2015)
No hay tierra como la mía 03:13
Having fun with the audience and the great Solo Tango Orchestra (2013)
El puntazo 03:44
Our very first video clip (2012)
Junto a tu corazón 03:01
In our beginning, at La Baldosa: one of those milongas where we grew up… (2009)
About Us
It all started that night at La Viruta, when we embraced each other for the first time..
We are part of the so-called young generation of Tango Salon, whose style combines the aesthetics and tradition of the years of splendor of 2x4, with a more current vision and technique. Through constant search, we achieve our own identity characterized by elegance, precision and expressiveness.
We both began to admire the genre from our childhood. Roxana began to listen to tango while in her mother's belly and grew up in her grandmother's milonga, getting to watch the best dancers of that period. Sebastián began studying tango in the city of Azul, in the province of Buenos Aires in 1995 and in 2005 he won the World Tango Salon Championship.
Young but still with enough experience, we decided to unite our paths back in February 2007 and since then, we have maintained that motivation to continue learning and evolving.
In the beginning, and between extensive rehearsals, we worked teaching classes in renowned studios in Buenos Aires and performing in the Buenos Aires milongas. Tours around the world quickly began to take place, being invited to transmit our knowledge and experiences by participating in prestigious international festivals such as TanGoToIstanbul (Turkey), Mallorca Tango Festival (Spain), The Brussels Tango Festival (Belgium), Łódź Tango Salon Festival (Poland), Taipei Tango Festival (Taiwan), Torino Tango Festival (Italy), Nora's Tango Week (San Francisco, USA), Festival Internacional de Tango de Lisboa (Portugal). Throughout these years we have had the pleasure of stepping on all continents. We have also created our own tango space in Buenos Aires, called "Ensueño", nowadays directed by Roxana's mother.
Since 2010 we integrate different companies, including Tango + Tango. We have also participated as guest artists in shows in theaters on Corrientes Avenue in Buenos Aires, such as El Cruxe, by Vanesa Villalba and Facundo Piñero and Descarnados, The Show, by Sabrina and Ruben Veliz.
Today we both reside in the city of Barcelona, ​​Spain, from where every weekend we travel to events in different countries to continue sharing with colleagues, friends and students…
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